Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Problems with fishing and Fishing Industries

There is one fundamental problem with Fishing and fishing industries – here it is in a few steps 

1.) Humans are reactive by nature: First do problem, then realise it’s a problem, then fix problem e.g. Cut down trees, realise this is not sustainable, try stopping (when a large bunch of people are already relying on it as their livelihood – REDICULOUS!) 

2.) On Earth, we are much more aware of our impact and it is much more measurable (e.g. we know there are only X rhinos left, so the whole world is starting to work together to fix the problem – AGAIN REACTIVE!!) 

3.) In the ocean – we seem oblivious to the fact that the resources are also limited (probably because no one has a real idea of what that limit is – “SO THATS FINE, LETS JUST CARRY ON TILL WE SEE PROBLEMS” – SERIOUSLY REDICULOUS!) 

4.) So what is happening is that not enough regulations are set when it comes to fishing (even if set, not obeyed) – as there is no benchmark to realise when the problem is getting serious.... 

5.) Last example: researchers estimate that there are only 5000 great white sharks left in the world (ONLY – the most amazing apex predator on the planet) – why isn’t everyone reacting like the Rhino’s as the data is not hard evidence – and CAN never be, because the see is just to big – and daily this is happening, great white sharks around the world are being killed . HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????????????????? 

PROBLEM: We just cant measure the real impact of fishing and don't have hard data to fight the industries with....

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